Garlive Recovery
Mediterranean Diet special issue


  • Our consultant on the matters concerning regulations and advertisement of dietary supplements is the company called Export USA New York Corp.
  • Our company’s FDA Registration – Our company commits to guaranteeing each and every legal, safety and quality aspect of our dietary supplements.

    FDA – Certificate of Registration

  • A US agent helps in event of an emergency related to a dietary supplement. In case of an emergency, FDA contacts the US Agent and no other personnel. By law, the US Agent must have a residence in US and be physically present in US. Our FDA Agent is the company called Export US.


The cornerstones of our company are transparency, traceability from the raw materials to the final products, safety of our products, and scientific evidence of their functionality. This is why we continually reinvest in scientific research on our dietary supplements.

For these reasons our company joined the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN). Our company fully embraces CRN’s Code of Ethics. Our dietary supplements can be found on CRN’s registry.

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