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An approach based on omics sciences to personalize your dietary supplementation.

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An approach based on omics sciences to personalize your dietary supplementation.

What we offer

MAGISNAT, based at Atlanta Tech Park in Peachtree Corners, GA, provides Omics Tests, specifically genomic, metabolomic, and proteomic tests, to explore the key biochemical pathways of the human body for personalizing lifestyles and dietary supplementation, thanks to its lines of scientifically studied formulations.

Integrated Approach: Omics Pathway Analysis for Dietary Supplements

Omics tests can molecularly identify individual vulnerabilities and specific needs. Through genomic, metabolomic, and proteomic tests, individuals can choose the right dietary supplement that aligns with their genetic makeup combined with their lifestyle, including diet and physical activity. Subsequently, metabolomic and proteomic tests are crucial in monitoring the effectiveness of the chosen dietary supplement.

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This personalized and monitoring approach based on omics tests is designed for all individuals who may experience nutritional deficiencies due to their lifestyle, genetic makeup, or a combination of both. It also caters to those with increased needs, such as athletes.

OMIC Tests





In 1879, Achille Bertelli embarked on a journey from Italy with the ambitious project of formulating products for people’s well-being. His goal was to utilize the natural molecules with physiological effects found in plants characteristic of the Mediterranean Diet, concentrating them effectively to prevent diseases. Establishing the first laboratory in San Francisco, he became known for “Bertelli’s Catramin Pills,” a product based on natural molecules, particularly effective in preventing seasonal disorders.

Since then, research on natural molecules in the Mediterranean Diet has continued to progress. In 2006, Dr. Matteo Bertelli founded a spin-off company dedicated to researching the preventive effects of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) associated with the Mediterranean diet.

The inspiration to scientifically investigate the reasons behind these preventive effects led to a series of studies and research conducted since 2006. These efforts materialized in the development of genomic, metabolomic, and proteomic tests, aimed at identifying biochemical pathways in the body subject to alterations and in need of modulation. In this context, the crucial role that natural molecules from the Mediterranean diet, present in our scientific-based dietary supplements, can play in this process is highlighted.


MAGISNAT’s mission is centered around enhancing individual well-being through the application of omics sciences for the customization and monitoring of dietary integration. We offer product lines that are scientifically tested and formulated, addressing both lifestyle factors such as diet and physical activity.

Through the identification of specific vulnerabilities, we are committed to providing an integrated approach tailored to those facing nutritional deficiencies associated with modern lifestyles and individuals with increased needs, such as athletes.

Every individual possesses a unique genetic makeup that interacts with lifestyle choices and diet. Our mission is to identify the specific needs of each person through omic tests and customize their diet, dietary integration, and physical activity accordingly, aiming to promote the achievement of desired well-being.

Thanks to our scientific approach based on omics sciences, we enable the monitoring of individuals’ progress towards their goals and provide insights on how to enhance their choices.

Company Certifications

Quality and Safety of the Products

The safety certification of our products is ensured thorough extensive and systematic analyses. We distinguish ourselves from most competitors by conducting analyses on each production batch of every dietary supplement, demonstrating our transparency through the publication of corresponding analysis certificates. For each production batch, we investigate the following parameters:

  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Absence of Heavy Metals
  • Absence of Pesticides and Aflatoxins
  • Absence of Gluten and Lactose
  • Absence of the 8 Allergens


Our company shares and adheres to the ethical, regulatory, and safety principles set forth by the CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition) to provide increased assurance to our consumers.


Both of our companies, the manufacturer and the distributor, hold an FDA certification.


Our company is cGMP certified in all stages of the process, from formulation study to shipment to the final customer.

Our Team

Matteo Bertelli, MD, PhD – RESEARCHER

Matteo Bertelli is a specialist in Molecular Genetics who has dedicated years to research in omics sciences for personalized diet. With a strong background in genetics and personalized medicine, he has delved into the application of multi-omic information to tailor diet and lifestyle for the promotion of health and disease prevention. His interest extends beyond conditions of nutritional deficiency to those characterized by increased demand, found in Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as obesity, lymphedema, lipedema, and cardiovascular diseases, or in physiological conditions such as aging and physical activity.

CONTACT: matteo.bertelli@magisnat.com

Kevin Donato, M.Sc., PhD Student – RESEARCHER

Kevin Donato holds a master’s degree in Chemistry and possesses a particular interest in patent development to maximize the utilization of natural molecules. His expertise in the chemical properties and potential of natural molecules enables him to formulate high-quality dietary supplements by employing analytical technologies such as mass spectrometry. Through his research-oriented approach, Kevin contributes a crucial scientific perspective to the company, utilizing analytical techniques to identify metabolic biomarkers associated with diet.


CONTACT: kevin.donato@magisnat.com

Pietro Chiurazzi, MD, PhD – RESEARCHER

Associate Professor of Medical Genetics at the Institute of Genomic Medicine of the Catholic University School of Medicine, Rome since November 2005. He graduated in Medicine in 1992 with an experimental thesis on Fragile X syndrome. In 1996 he became Specialist in Medical Genetics and in 2001 obtained his Ph.D. in Genetics at the Erasmus University (Rotterdam).

CONTACT: pietro.chiurazzi@magisnat.com

You can meet our team at MAGISNAT’s headquarters at Atlanta Teck Park in Peachtree Corners, GA, USA.
Contat Us: info@magisnat.com


Change your lifestyle, follow our Ambassadors!*

For all those who aspire to lead a healthy and energetic life, MAGISNAT’s ambassadors are here to share their experience with you. Introducing our Ambassadors, individuals who embody the essence of health and wellness.

Our Ambassadors are professional models who passionately dedicate themselves to physical activity, body care, and a balanced diet. They share their advice to help everyday people improve their lifestyle.


Gianni, an Italian-American fitness model, promotes daily physical activity and holistic approaches for a healthy lifestyle. He also provides detailed explanations about omics tests to investigate the potentials and vulnerabilities of one’s own body in order to tailor diet and physical activity.


Kimberly, passionate about scientific outreach, especially for lifestyle improvement, collaborates with MAGISNAT in promoting the dissemination of knowledge on scientific topics related to personalized nutrition and healthy lifestyles.


It is important to note that all text, audio, and video content on this page, such as the statements of the Ambassadors or linked to it do not intend to provide medical, nutritional, lifestyle, physical activity, omics testing, or dietary supplement advice. The purpose of this content is purely cultural. The company is not responsible for the choices individuals may make in relation to this content.

Research & Events

The topics that are discussed in this section are research, development, and communication.

About research, MAGISNAT has always invested in new projects and resources; it is also putting a great effort into studying natural molecules and their possible applications to benefit people affected by various diseases, such as eating disorders. In order to do so, MAGISNAT is establishing important collaborations with leading professors and researchers from all over the world.

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