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For MAGISNAT, it is not only the promotion of dietary supplements that is important, but the well-being of individuals. It has set as its goal to spread “The Mediterranean Lifestyle”, and more specifically to teach people how to be healthy, how to eat properly, and how to have an active life.
One of the main points of MAGISNAT’s vision is the importance, in everyday life, of the Mediterranean diet: a type of low-calorie, predominantly plant-based diet, with a very modest addition of oily fish and non-farmed meat, and with large amounts of polyphenols from olive trees, characterized by great health benefits.
It has been proven by numerous scientific studies that this approach has positive influences not only on the treatment of diseases, such as eating disorders, but provides help in overcoming very difficult moments in life, such as the period of isolation caused by COVID.
The Mediterranean lifestyle provides various tools, such as the Mediterranean diet, art and social relationships, to overcome difficult times.
MAGISNAT is one of the very first entities that is devoting all its energy to bringing well-being to society and, in particular, to individuals.

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