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From Italy to the United States, our mission is to research natural molecules with beneficial effects on human health in the foods that make up the renowned Mediterranean diet, one of the most famous UNESCO intangible heritages.       

The concept of what we currently call the “Mediterranean diet” originated from the research carried out by the American epidemiologist and physiologist Professor Ancel Keys during his stay in Italy in 1945. Professor Keys discovered that Italians had a low rate of chronic disease and an overall high longevity. He thought that these characteristics derived from their diet, rich in olive oil and Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, which are high in polyphenols and have a low and balanced caloric intake.

After returning to the US in the 1970s, Professor Keys tried to promote the eating habits of the Mediterranean diet in many publications, the last of which was: “Keys, A.B. and Keys, M. How to eat well and stay well the Mediterranean way. Doubleday, New York.”. (1975).

MAGISNAT, with its motto “The science behind the natural molecules and the Mediterranean Diet,” explains the approach aimed at studying natural molecules extracted from foods typical of the Mediterranean diet in order to offer products for people’s well-being in a preventive and personalized perspective.

MAGISNAT applies omics approaches, particularly genomics, metabolomics, and microbiomics to highlight any altered functions of the human body and subsequently personalize the diet with its own dietary supplements.

Photos of the landscape surrounding MAGI, founded by doctor Dr. Matteo Bertelli. Our website and branch company in USA is called MAGISNAT.
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