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MAGISNAT is a company based at Atlanta Tech Park in Peachtree Corners, GA, specializing in Research and Development as well as Commercialization of Omics Testing and Dietary Supplements. MAGISNAT conducts research on natural molecules extracted from typical foods of the Mediterranean diet, aiming to provide products that promote people’s well-being from a preventive and personalized standpoint. The company utilizes omics approaches, specifically genomics, metabolomics, and microbiomics, to identify any disrupted functions within the human body.

Matteo Bertelli, MD, PhD – RESEARCHER

Matteo Bertelli is a Medical Doctor specialized in Molecular Genetics with a particular focus on research in the field of omics sciences for personalized diet and lifestyle. With extensive experience and a strong knowledge base in genetics and personalized medicine, Matteo has dedicated years of study and research to the application of genetic information to understand how diet and lifestyle can be personalized to promote health and prevent diseases.

Through his scientific publications, he has explored advanced omics approaches for personalizing diet and physical activity in conditions such as obesity, lymphedema, lipedema, anorexia, and cardiovascular diseases. His deep conviction is that the prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) is possible through a combination of a balanced diet, physical activity, and targeted nutritional supplementation.

CONTACT: matteo.bertelli@magisnat.com

Kevin Donato, M.Sc., PhD Student – RESEARCHER

Kevin holds a master’s degree in Chemistry and has a particular interest in developing patents to maximize the utilization of natural molecules found in typical Mediterranean diet plants. His knowledge of the chemical properties and potential of natural molecules enables him to create innovative and high-quality products, and, by applying analytical technologies such as mass spectrometry, to identify metabolic biomarkers associated with the diet.

His strongly research-oriented approach brings an important scientific perspective to the company. Kevin collaborates on the development of dietary supplements, tests, and other scientifically validated products. These products offer reliable solutions to consumers, allowing them to fully benefit from the beneficial properties of Mediterranean diet plants.

CONTACT: kevin.donato@magisnat.com


Rico Figliolini is a dynamic member of our team of professionals experienced in marketing management, social media, and publishing. Rico’s experience connecting with communities as the Publisher of multiple local publications makes him uniquely qualified to help build the MAGISNAT community that promotes the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle.

With a thorough understanding of brand dynamics and marketing strategies, Rico is committed to creating strong and successful connections with business partners online, in stores, and in allied associations. Rico’s connection to his Italian heritage provides a strong link to the values and vision of MAGISNAT.

CONTACT: rico.figliolini@magisnat.com


Carol Casey is an experienced Marketing, Media and Content specialist who brings a deep appreciation of the Mediterranean Lifestyle and diet to the Magisnat team. She leads the effort to bring brand awareness of Dr. Bertelli’s line of Nutritional Supplements and DNA Wellness tests to the US Market.

Carol’s Italian heritage and her visits to Italy help her connect closely to the MAGISNAT mission promoting social connection, healthy eating, and an appreciation for art and music. Carol has worked previously as Creative Content Director for a digital marketing agency, as a PR and Media consultant, a news editor and reporter, and is a published author.

CONTACT: carol.casey@magisnat.com



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