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In the “Product Traceability Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Immune System Tablets” section the following points are reported.

Initially the focus is on research and development of the Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Immune System Tablets formulation. Specifically, we choose ingredients based on natural molecules that are admissible according to FDA regulations and have efficacy according to a scientific rationale. Then a series of analysis is done on the dietary supplement to compose the label

The first phase is characterized by the study of the dietary supplement DR. MATTEO BERTELLI’S IMMUNE SYSTEM TABLETS formulation. The formula is chosen based on the studies published in the scientific literature and according to the research conducted by the MAGISNAT group. The study is aimed at natural molecules that are chosen based on scientific rationale, their safety, and their in vivo and in vitro efficacy. All raw materials used in dietary supplements are chosen based on their safety. The admissibility of ingredients is checked. A test batch of GARLIVE RECOVERY is then produced on which stability and shelf-life tests compliant with FDA regulations are performed.

Once the formula is finalized, we then go and assess all the quality, GMP and raw material certifications of the suppliers we want to collaborate with. Once all their certifications are verified, we then notify them of the formula to begin all testing in compliance with what the FDA requires. In addition, our company is FDA certified, so our company is committed to ensuring every legal, safety and quality aspect of DR. MATTEO BERTELLI’S IMMUNE SYSTEM TABLETS. Our company has nominated its US Agent. This officer is responsible for helping in case of an emergency related to a dietary supplement. In case of an emergency, the FDA contacts the US Agent and no other personnel. By law, the U.S. Agent must have a U.S. residence and be physically present in the United States.

A series of analyses are carried out on the test batch to obtain certificates of:

  • Composition: this certificate contains the list of all ingredients in DR. MATTEO BERTELLI’S IMMUNE SYSTEM TABLETS, including excipients. Also listed on this analysis are the amounts of these ingredients within 1 tablet, the weight of 1 tablet, the type and appearance of the product, the daily dose, and the net weight of the entire package.
  • Nutrition Facts: This certificate contains the nutritional declaration regarding the DR. MATTEO BERTELLI’S IMMUNE SYSTEM TABLETS dietary supplement with a set of normalized parameters per 100 grams, in particular: total calories (KJ/Kcal), total fat (g), cholesterol (g), sodium (mg), potassium (mg), calcium (g), iron (mg), total carbohydrates (g), dietary fiber (g), total sugars (g), protein (g), a list of vitamins present.
  • Allergens: this certificate reports the possible presence of allergens in accordance with FDA requirements. DR. MATTEO BERTELLI’S IMMUNE SYSTEM TABLETS dietary supplement does not contain any of the allergens, such as: milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans.

Based on the analysis conducted, the “Supplement Facts table is produced in accordance with FDA’s requirements.

In this step, the study is carried out on all the information that is given on the label of the DR. MATTEO BERTELLI’S IMMUNE SYSTEM TABLETS dietary supplement. The information includes “Warnings”, “Directions”, and “Storage” to inform consumers about all these aspects. All the graphics for the packaging are prepared and all the information shown is checked and approved. An EAN identification code is assigned to GARLIVE RECOVERY dietary supplement.

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