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In 2006, the MAGI Group was established in Italy with a focus on researching eating disorders through omics sciences, particularly genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, and microbiomics. The group’s endeavors have encompassed two primary areas: the exploration of physiologically impactful molecules found in typical plants of the Mediterranean diet, and the investigation of rare or genetic metabolic disorders, wherein specific metabolites could potentially be modulated through dietary interventions. This multifaceted approach has led our group to delve into omics-based studies concerning targeted dietary supplements that could effectively bolster metabolic processes.

Moreover, Dr. Matteo Bertelli, through this enterprise, has endeavored to revitalize the concepts pioneered by Achille Bertelli, who over a century ago pioneered the establishment of a company in the United States dedicated to extracting natural molecules for the prevention of certain conditions. These natural molecules have been concentrated into dietary supplements, subsequently promoted both in the United States and Italy, further extending the legacy of innovation initiated by Achille Bertelli.

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