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Mediterranean Diet special issue


MAGISNAT has proven to be the first company in the world to focus its research and products on natural molecules derived from plants typical of the Mediterranean diet and, moreover, MAGINAT wants to spread a healthy lifestyle such as the Mediterranean to benefit the entire community.

In fact, its main goal is to provide, for each individual, the means to achieve better health and guide them toward a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, MAGISNAT’s activities are basically three:

1_ research and education. Our researchers are working on the development of “Direct-to-Consumer” genomic, metabolomic and microbiomic tests which are not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. In particular, our research group is working on diseases such as obesity, lipedema, lymphedema, anorexia nervosa, and retinal dystrophies;

2_ the promotion of a line of dietary supplements based on natural molecules present in typical Mediterranean dietary vegetables, such as olive, tomato, vita, citrus, hot pepper and licorice, which have numerous beneficial properties for the body.  To sum up, our aim is to develop safe, natural and effective nutritional dietary supplements created following a scientific approach;

3_ Dissemination of the Mediterranean lifestyle.  Through communication activities such as publishing articles or organizing conferences with professors and researchers who are experts in the field, it is possible to spread knowledge about the Mediterranean lifestyle.

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