Garlive Recovery
Mediterranean Diet special issue


Our products’ formulations derive from the research we have carried out on natural molecules, which are known to have physiological effects, extracted from typical plants used in the Mediterranean diet.

In particular, we present here the development and commercialization of Garlive Dietary Supplements.

Our company policy:

The Science

Our aim is to provide better health and longevity to every individual, to guide them to thrive thanks to a healthy lifestyle. In order to do so, we have developed safe, natural, and efficient dietary supplements using a science-based approach.

Research-Driven Formulas

Among the substances contained in typical foods of the Mediterranean diet there are polyphenols and vitamins, which play a key role in preventing diseases. Thus, extensive research has been conducted on the isolation of natural molecules from plants. Subsequently these molecules have been explored to be used as effective nutritional supplements.

Dedicated Experts

Our team includes experts with wide research backgrounds, who came together to build powerful dietary supplements. All of us are committed to designing excellent nutritional products from the core ingredients, which will make a significant positive impact on improving the wellbeing of individuals.

Olive extracts

The key ingredient of Garlive, hydroxytyrosol, comes from the highest quality olive extracts from Mediterranean countries.

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