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MAGISNAT’s mission is centered around enhancing individual well-being through the application of omics sciences for the customization and monitoring of dietary integration. We offer product lines that are scientifically tested and formulated, addressing both lifestyle factors such as diet and physical activity.

Through the identification of specific vulnerabilities, we are committed to providing an integrated approach tailored to those facing nutritional deficiencies associated with modern lifestyles and individuals with increased needs, such as athletes or those in specific conditions like obesity, diabetes, aging, and other chronic conditions.

Every individual possesses a unique genetic makeup that interacts with lifestyle choices and diet. Our mission is to identify the specific needs of each person through omic tests and customize their diet, dietary integration, and physical activity accordingly, aiming to promote the achievement of desired well-being.

Thanks to our scientific approach based on omics sciences, we enable the monitoring of individuals’ progress towards their goals and provide insights on how to enhance their choices.

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